Scandinavian Ice Adventure
– The Nordic’s first adventure park on ice

Pay entrance fee, rent skates and helmet and start to explore our winter adventure park!

Scandinavian Ice Adventure – Experience the warmth of the ice

Scandinavian Ice Adventure will open on November 26th in central Stockholm.

There is something special about ice.
It can take us across bodies of water, to professional adventures in North America or back to our childhood winters. It can be hard, wet and cold.
But at Scandinavian Ice Adventure, we have also seen all the warmth it can give.

When you get to experience the next generation’s first faltering strides, or a long conversation calmly skating through the winter landscape. When your team puts in the winner in the final minutes. When your cold hands meet under the star filled sky.

We have experienced it all around the world – from lakes and backyard rinks to modern skateways. And that’s exactly what we want to give to you now.

Through a mix where traditional ice surfaces meet innovative ones, we have created a place where more unforgettable moments can come to life. A place for everyone, no matter if you have never skated before or strive to become the next Danijela Rundqvist.

So welcome.
Welcome to experience the warmth of the ice.

Buy your ticket before the visit

We recommend that you buy your ticket online before your visit. But don’t worry – if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, it is of course possible to buy your ticket on site as well.

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Skating Carousel is FIXED

The carousel is fixed again and we think that we have found the main problem…

After Skate
Kitchen and Bar

At After Skate Kitchen and Bar we will serve a delicious menu prepared with love and with a focus on good Swedish ingredients. Here, from the heart of the park, you will be able to enjoy, among other things, warming soups and freshly baked bread.

Stay tuned for our special events in the restaurant, for example, how about a barbecue night with fire and flames?

Celebrate Christmas with us

For six evenings in December, we will serve a special X-mas menu signed by our fantastic chefs Daniel Tottie and Marcus Backman. There will also be a grand show directed by Anders Butta Börjesson. You will be entertained by magic and comedy from John Houdi, music with both uptempo and ballads from Tess Merkel (Alcazar) and Michel Young, accompanied by a six-man band.

Contact us via the email below for booking and questions.

Open 10:00 – 20:00 Monday-Sunday

We accept Visa and Mastercard as payment.